Kazila Xen-based virtual private servers are the highest performing and most reliable in the industry.

Through the combination of superior hardware and Xen virtualization, Kazila is capable of passing along a powerful, stable and independent virtual machine that behaves as a dedicated environment. With three locations available, choose from the nearest data center for optimal network latency. Our virtual machines offer complete freedom and great flexibility, along with guaranteed CPU and RAM. With absolutely no restrictions, your server can be configured to run the software of your liking. All packages are backed by our management team for a guaranteed peace of mind.

Service Details

Uptime Guarantee

Our job is to make sure your services are accessible and fully functional at all times. If we do not honor 99.9% uptime in its entirely we will credit you a month's payment.


Resource Scalability

Running a server on a virtual environment allows the ability to scale on demand and per requirements. Bandwidth, RAM, disk space and CPU weight can be adjusted within a matter of seconds.


Control Panel

Shutdown, reboot and reinstall the OS for your VPS remotely through our easy to use control panel. Serial console is included for emergency out-of-bound access.

Hardware RAID-10

Our production nodes utilize hot swappable hard drives and are running RAID-10 to avoid data loss in case of a sudden disk failure.

Choose from 20+ Linux Distributions

Each virtual machine has access to our extensive template library. Both 32-bit and 64-bit images are supported and available.

Arch Linux
Gentoo Linux


Xen Xen Virtual Machines

The Xen Hypervisor has a proven track record when it comes to reliability and stability.

SolusVM SolusVM Control Panel

Manage your virtual machine through our browser-based control panel.

3-Day Money Back Guarantee

24/7/365 Technical Support

Powerful Nodes

PyGrub Enabled

Emergency Serial Console

Fully Scalable Solution



Superior Hardware

Kazila utilizes enterprise-grade hardware with dual Xeon processors, ECC registered RAM and redundant power in case of a sudden failure. The addition of a BBU powered hardware RAID card insures that the sequential read/write on the server is incredibly fast and configured for redundancy.


Manage your virtual server through our browser-based control panel. Reboot, shutdown, start and even adjust the OS within a matter of seconds. Reset your root password and adjust your server hostname at anytime. Serial console access is included for emergency out-of-bound access.

  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Los Angeles

Choose From 3 Locations

With availability in three major cities across the United States, we give our customers the opportunity to chose the location nearest to them for optimal latency.

New York:
Los Angeles: