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20x Linux Cloud Servers

16 GB RAM Pool

500 GB SSD Storage Pool

1 TB Dedicated Backup Server

5x Virtual Private Networks

29 IP Addresses (/27)

10 TB Bandwidth on 1Gbps Uplink

10Gbit/s Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation

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40x Linux Cloud Servers

32 GB RAM Pool

2 TB SSD Storage Pool

4 TB Dedicated Backup Server

10x Virtual Private Networks

61 IP Addresses (/26)

30 TB Bandwidth on 1Gbps Uplink

20Gbit/s Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation

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80x Linux Cloud Servers

64 GB RAM Pool

4 TB SSD Storage Pool

6 TB Dedicated Backup Server

20x Virtual Private Networks

125 IP Addresses (/25)

50 TB Bandwidth on 1Gbps Uplink

30Gbit/s Layer 7 DDoS Mitigation

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Full Control

Deploy multiple Linux cloud servers using computing resources from the resource pool and manage them all under one account.


Upgrade or downgrade cloud computing resources such as memory, disk space, bandwidth and CPU share on your cloud servers with ease.


Our support team will monitor your cloud hardware and network around-the-clock in order to ensure and guarantee the highest reliability.

Backup Server

A dedicated backup server is included with each package. Each backup server includes double the space versus the allocated disk space per package.

Private & Secure

Each solution is deployed on a fully dedicated environment with multiple virtual private networks included to act as an extra layer of security.

Dallas, Texas

Kazila's infrastructure is stored within a state-of-the-art data center facility located in the city of Dallas, Texas with in-house tech's available on-site 24/7.


Every package comes with a pool of cloud computing resources along with the ability to deploy isolated cloud servers with various resources through a control panel. Our solution gives you maximum control over your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to deploy isolated instances with resources that meet your application requirements. Our solution is also fully scalable so you may upgrade or downgrade resources within a matter of seconds.

Service Overview

  • Private cloud with 100% dedicated resources
  • Maximum control over your private cloud infrastructure
  • Deploy, manage and destroy cloud servers on-demand
  • Fully scalable solution, upgrade/downgrade resources
  • Linux-based using a lightweight Xen virtualization hypervisor
  • Around-the-clock access to our technical support team
  • Cloud monitoring and rapid incident response
  • Dedicated server for backup generation included
  • Secure remote access through utilization of VPN
  • True Layer 7 DDoS mitigation included

Monitoring & Technical Support

Every package includes around-the-clock monitoring and technical support. Our system administrators and network engineers are standing by in order to better assist you no matter the time or day.

Kazila also provides performance monitoring of your cloud, ensuring that the network and hardware is consistently in good health. Our NOC is always on high alert and will quickly intervene by escalating tickets and notifying the proper channels in the event of an emergency.

Secure Remote Access

Every package allows remote access to your cloud from anywhere in the world. Our service includes virtual private networks that will allow you and your employees to tunnel into a secure network in order to access your cloud.

All VPN traffic is fully encrypted. A VPN can be configured on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones. This allows secure access on-the-go without ever compromising system security or performance.

Client Testimonials

  • All around excellent value. I'm the CEO of startup that provides SaaS solutions. Our business has experienced rapid growth and Kazila's business cloud solutions have saved us time and money when we needed to scale our business. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

  • Kazila has been an absolute pleasure to work with and are a prime example of what a company should be, and how a company should be ran. Their service has been remarkable and their servers are blazing-fast.

  • I have been a Kazila customer since 2008, and they have a great features, price, support and reliability. Their email support is very good and effective. For any business looking for a reliable hosting solution with a long history of satisfaction, Kazila is a clear answer to those needs.

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